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The managing Director of IHIO said: 4500000 individuals have registered in Omid System to receive universal health insurance from 21, April 2014.

During the Universal Health Insurance Congress which was held in Presidency Office, the managing director of IHIO mentioned that universal health insurance establishment is a claim based upon the Constitution, Perspective documents, medical insurance law and political addresses of the Highly Esteemed Leadership, and then said: this claim has not been executed up to now, despite up to 700 to 800 billion dollars income during the 9th & 10th governments, an inappropriate condition has been imposed on the health sector in the country, which resulted in the maintenance of 700 to 800 thousand people below the poverty line each year.

Our insurance system is progressing positively, day by day

At the presence of the respectful president in the Universal Coverage meeting, Dr. Ali Rabiei, the Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare minister stated: Our insurance system is moving progressively better than ever before, and has had great structural amendments. We have aimed to obtain a full responsible and effective insurance.

During the Universal Health Coverage Meeting, the President Announced

During the meeting of the high general directors of IHIO, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, the president of IRI, emphasized on the evolution of the health sector, both ministries of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare, and the Medical and Education Ministry ought to attempt in decreasing the health concerns of all social strata

Health System is the Government’s Priority for the cost resources from targeted subsidies

The managing director of IHIO said: Government will reimburse resources from targeted subsidies income in the 2nd phase, with the priority of health system.

Appointment in IHIO

According to an order on behalf of Dr. Mohseni, the managing director of IHIO, Dr. Rahmat Allah Tavakol was appointed to the vice chancellor of the Managing Director.

Cooperatives, labour and social welfare minister said in this meeting:

In this year, our wish is to move towards an optimal health situation from the current one. We hope for God’s help in execution of this great social responsibility until we can reform our insurance structure through accurate and organized planning.


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