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The Fund of the Civil Servants

All civil servants including the employed, the retired, the pensioner and the employee subject to the Country Employment Law and article 5 of the Country General Accounting Law and article 5 of the Civil Service Law, whose retirement deductions are paid to the Civil Servants Pension Organization will be covered by Iran Health Insurance Organization from the date of employment (formal & contractual).

Based on the approved by the Board of the Ministers, each year premiums of the beneficiaries of this fund,7 percent of salary and continuous benefits (including the share of insured, executive bodies and government) for covering the main insured and his/her 1st dependents, the total equivalent of the approved premium of the same year for the 2nd dependents and the total equivalent of the approved premium + 2/9for the 3rd dependents will be determined.

At present more than 5 million people are covered by this fund

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