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Foreign Nationals Insurance

According to the agreement between Iran Health Insurance Organization and General Directorate of Citizens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs of the Ministry of Interior and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees based in the Islamic Republic of Iran, every year a basic health insurance coverage contract is concluded in order to cover refugees and foreign nationals approved by General Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigrants Affairs of the Ministry of Interior. Foreign nationals are covered in vulnerable, non-vulnerable and special patients groups. Accordingly, vulnerable and special patients are covered free of charge and non-vulnerable people are covered by direct payment of premiums.

Point: From the beginning of Iranian new year (year of 1400), with the aim of providing electronic services and optimizing the conditions for providing services to the insured, the paper booklet has been omitted and inpatient and outpatient services are provided in all medical centers contracted by IHIO only by presenting the national code (national number).

The Other Social Strata

The other social groups which are not the beneficiaries of the civil servants, the rural, the universal health insurance and Iranian health insurance funds are covered under this fund. It consists of the following groups :

  • Veterans including martyrs’ family, warfare victims and released captives of war
  • Clergymen and their families
  • Foreign national students of the Ministry of Science & Ministry of Health
  • Disabled and clients covered by the State Welfare Organization
  • Clients covered by Imam Khomeini Relief Committee
  • Aliens & immigrants approved by the Ministry of Interior
  • Medical assistants and PhD students
  • Prisoners and their families
  • Unknown people covered by the State Welfare Organization
  • Addicts

At present more than 2 million and 600 thousand people are covered by this fund.

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