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Iranian & Universal Health Insurance Funds

All Iranian applying for insurance can be covered by Iranian insurance or universal health insurance via full premium payment or payment based on the result of the means testing.

If the applicant wants to pay a full one-year premium for himself and his family members, he can go to the counter offices or the internet address eservices.ihio.gov.ir/isc to receive Iranian insurance with a 10-day waiting period. In this case, he can benefit from insurance services by referring to public and private medical centers contracted by IHIO.

If the applicant wishes to use the government subsidy for his payment of premium: he must go to either the internet address eservices.ihio.gov.ir/isc or the counter office to register for the means testing. After registration, an information SMS and the approximate date of his visit to the counter office will be sent.

Point:According to the approved of National Anti- Coronavirus Headquarter, now due to the prevalence of this disease, the means testing of this group (universal health insurance applicants) is excluded.

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