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Rural Fund

A villager is a person who lives in a village and the health house or the city & village Islamic council approve it. The insured people of this fund include all villagers, nomads and the residents of cities with less than 20000 people that are benefited from the health insurance coverage and in this way the possibility of receiving the outpatient and inpatient services in compliance with referral system in the form of family physician will be provided for. The premium of this group of insured is based on the means testing result (villagers who pay premium and those who don’t). The premium of the 2nd group will completely be paid by the government. The 1st group will pay the whole or half of the premium according to the means testing result.

About 20 million people are covered by this fund.

Point:According to the approved of National Anti- Coronavirus Headquarter, now due to the prevalence of this disease, the means testing of this group is excluded.

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