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The importance of rehabilitation services insurance coverage for the prevention of severe disability

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September 11, 2021

The Head of the Occupational Therapy Association said:

The Head of the Occupational Therapy Association said: If rehabilitation is not done in a golden time, the disability will be exacerbated, because rehabilitation is a primary treatment and Prevents severe disability, and in this regard, the importance of insurance coverage for rehabilitation services is highlighted.

Mehdi Alizadeh about the importance of insurance coverage of rehabilitation services by the IHIO added: Iran Health Insurance Organization is the first insurance organization to cover rehabilitation services including occupational therapy and speech therapy, and in this regard, at the beginning of the path, autism spectrum disorder is covered.
He continued: Our request is that in the other disorders, according to the role of rehabilitation in preventing the aggravation of disability, insurance coverage should be done in the first months and on time.
The Head of the Occupational Therapy Association expressed: For example, for someone younger who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, or for someone with a stroke or spinal cord injury, if rehabilitation is done in the early months, that person can be returned to the community and the job. Therefore, insurance is very effective at this time.
He added: Our request to insurance organizations is that after autism, other disorders that lead to disability if not rehabilitated are also covered by insurance.
Alizadeh stated: IHIO is the initiator of covering rehabilitation services for autism disorder and after the memorandum with State Welfare Organization, 40 sessions of occupational therapy and speech therapy annually is covered for people with stroke or spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy or autism,. However, a person with these disorders needs more rehabilitation sessions in the early years.
He said: Rehabilitation services insurance coverage is a window of hope for those with disabilities. The percentage of out-of-pocket for these services is 30% and the amount paid by insurance organizations will be 70%. Of course, efforts are being made to reduce out-of-pocket as well.


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