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Remove paper prescriptions up to Mid-December

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September 26, 2021

The CEO of Iran Health Insurance Organization announced: The middle of December is the last opportunity to use paper prescriptions and this time will not be extended.

Mohammad Mehdi Nasehi said: IHIO has five funds and people can easily become members of the public insurance fund without means testing in the days of Coronavirus.
He added: The electronic prescription plan has made good progress in the country and in some provinces the progress has reached more than 90%. At the same time, all electronic prescription plans have grown by 55% in the country.
Dr. Nasehi stated: Papers of insurancebooks are valid until the last page and the removal of paper prescription will be done by December due to the improvements in electronic prescription.
He added: The referral system plan in the public health insurance fund is also one of the other health insurance services that will be implemented in the country from October 2021.
The CEO of IHIO emphasized: In this plan, the insured choose one of the general practitioners as a family physician and if there is a need to refer to specialists, the family physician will introduce the insured to the specialist.


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