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Paying attention to the importance of health costs in the old age

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October 02, 2021

The CEO of Iran Health Insurance Organization wrote in a message on the occasion of the Elderly Week: According to the research, older people spend more of their income on health and due to aging population in the country; it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to health care costs and service insurance coverage.

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Nasehi wrote in a message on the occasion of the Elderly Week: The population of the country is moving from youth to old age and this issue needs more planning for the elderly in future. Elderly insurance and extensive‌ coverage of health services in basic health insurance is one of the most important issues that should be considered by policy makers so that the elderly have less problems in paying health costs.

He continued: We need a forward-looking social perspective for planning in old age in the field of health system in order to predict the probable problems of the elderly and specify an appropriate mechanism for it. On the other hand, the elderly spend most of their income on health costs, and due to the increase in the elderly population of the country in the near future, it will be very important to pay attention to health costs and insurance coverage.

Dr. Nasehi said: In Iran Health Insurance Organization, different models elderly care in different countries and paying attention to their basic health insurance has been researched and more extensive studies will continue in this field. Definitely moving in this direction can solve a large part of the worries of the elderly in this period.

The CEO of IHIO added: Social situation of the elderly in many developed countries has almost stabilized and we can take advantage of successful models in this field. In this regard, we need to develop mechanisms to provide sustainable financial resources to cover insurance services, focus on prevention and investment from youth and middle age for old age.

Dr. Nasehi said: Therefore, we should not consider aging as a risk and the needs of this period should be predicted in advance so that the elderly in this period do not have concerns about their health and treatment costs and society benefits from their valuable experiences.


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